Hardest Positions in Sports

Any player of any sport possesses athletic capabilities. There can be individual player or team players. In a team sports, though it is a combination of more than one member, their own roles in the game are different from each other. Some members’ ability can be superior or inferior than others.  Even so, they still need each other to work and play as a team.

Every sports requires talents and skills. Players must have these requirements in order to play the sports and if it is in good luck, they can be chosen to be the greatest players and represent their own country, nation, etc. But we need to keep in mind that some positions in any sports are much harder than others. So a player in a team that has the hardest position must be the best.

What are the different positions in sports that are hard in standpoint physically and technically? Center position in basketball is one. Being in this position involves a lot of physical contacts for defense. Center players are responsible for posting up down low and it requires weight, height and strength.

Wicket keeper cricket. Fielding the ball in cricket is incredibly difficult but no one is tougher than the cricket keeper. He is responsible for catching the cricket ball behind a batter. Sometimes, it is a dangerous position as the ball will be directed to him and do not know how will come to him, depending how it was thrown and reacted with the batter batting style.

Similar to wicket keeper cricket is the baseball catcher. This position demands high flexibility and multi-tasking. In fact, baseball catchers need strong arms in the case of throwing a ball to the center field base. He needs to stop the players from scoring too by analyzing the movement of each opponent’s move. He needs to be smart to know the strength and weaknesses of each batter.

Other hard positions include goal keeper in hockey and soccer, scrum-half in rugby, pitcher baseball, quarterback in football and much more.