The top 10 facts you did not know about cycling

The world today is full of information and many data. We cannot remember all things and even if we study about them, we can forget them as time passes by. So looking at facts about something can be refreshing and entertaining. As the website wants to talk about sports, we will see then some facts about cycling that many are into. Cycling is a sport that is loved all over the world and even if people do not compete, they use bicycles almost every day as a mode of transportation.

In the video, it says that the first one who sketches the bicycle in the year of 1943 is Gian Giancomo Caprotti. That is a good fact and maybe we will search again about his sketch someday so we would not forget. Although there are many facts about cycling but only ten are in the video. If they will share all then we will get bored watching it if we are not cycling addicts. If we are then we would stay tune to see how much of what we know will they say or share in the video.

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