Learning about kung fu: Origin and the 8 movements

There are many kinds of martial arts and kung-fu is one of them. This martial arts sometimes do not have much detail about its origin and because we associate it with the Chinese people, we think it was invented by them. In truth as the video says, it was originated in the country of India then it spread into China when a monk has introduced it there. In India where it originated, they practice what is called a Kalari and that is the same with the Kung-fu.

If you watch the video you can understand as the person who went there made his effort to research and interview the Indian people that practice the Kalari. Many people say or do not recognize that kung-fu originated in India. The reporter tried to let us see the similarities of the two that show a big possibility of being the same. But China has made their own version and it was called kung-fu. This is a deadly martial art that does not use arms in the battle.

Whatever is the conclusion, Kung-fu and Kalari will still be practiced by those who have studied them. It is both a form of martial arts that will be useful and interesting to learn so you can be able to teach the craft again to the next generation. Every businessman wants their business to become one of the top in the market and gain more profit. Click SEO and learn about how to grow your business. One of the things that commonly used by many business today is through online marketing service.