Benefits of Sports

When people are young, they play sports, when they get older, they play sports, when they are old enough to play sports, they just watch….

Most of people want to engage themselves in playing sports. What is in sports that we have to desire playing them? Did you know the healthy people are those who play sports and move around? In the view point of health, sports in one of the most effective ways to live longer. Sports maintain:

Physical Health

Our body needs to move in order for our cells and organs to work more and stay active. According to physical health educators, in order to stay physically healthy, our bodies should at least do locomotor and non-locomotor skills. If we do not exercise, our muscles will become weak and eventually cannot move that much. In addition to that if we are moving, cells and organs will also become active causing our body to burn calories which is essential for our body.

Mental Health

Our mind can work even if we are playing sports. What we can achieve here is the focus mode. By playing and working out, our brain will develop the state of critical thinking skills. As for instance, a basketball player must shoot the  ball but he has to measure the force he is going to exert in order to shoot the ball at the ring. Like this, the brain cells work actively. Playing sports will free us from stress, depression causing the mind to fall into mental problems.

Emotional Health

According to doctors, if our bodies move well by working or playing sports, endorphins and dopamine are secreted in order to create a good mood. If we burn out our brain without relaxing, this causes problem to our mind, mood and body. Positive emotions  are stimulated by sports and outdoor activities.